Report Engine

Get a data report in 1 minute, providing scientific support for decision-making.
Lancode No Code report engine function
A variety of application scenarios, meet the business required
  • Sales Funnel
  • Customer Analysis
  • Inventory Statistics
  • Purchase Summary
  • Cost Comparison
  • Revenue Trend
  • Region Distribution
  • More scenes
  • Various visualization charts
    Rich charts support various scenarios such as statistics, comparison, trend analysis, etc., and visually present the results of data analysis.
    Various visualization charts with No Code
    Easy access to data sources
    The engine automatically aggregates data sources, and you can call up relevant data views with one click.
    Lancode easily retrieves data sources
  • Multidimensional Data Analysis
    Customize data dimensions and analyze multiple factors, allowing users to gain multi-dimensional insights into business development trends from reports.
    No Code tool multi-dimensional data analysis
    Dynamic real-time report
    Back-end data changes, and front-end charts are synchronized in real time, making your data analysis effective at all times.
    Lancode multi-dynamic real-time report function
  • Personalized data screen
    According to your ideas, customize the personalized theme page, better lay out the overall strategy of the enterprise, and realize the large screen of visualized data.
    Lancode No Code personalized data big screen
    Perfect for mobile
    Support mobile viewing and sharing, and keep track of business dynamics anytime, anywhere.
    Lancode No Code platform supports multi-terminal adaptation