Flow Engine

Move complex offline processes online to automate repetitive tasks.
Lancode No Code process engine function
A variety of application scenarios, meet the business required
  • Employee asks for leave
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Item Receiving
  • Contract Approval
  • Work Report
  • Ticket Assignment
  • Purchase Requisition
  • More scenes
  • Visual build process
    From process design to release, the whole process is visualized. You only need to 'select' step by step, and you can configure complete process nodes, actions and conditions without any code.
    No Code visual build process
    Multiple trigger methods
    The engine has built-in trigger methods such as worksheet events, time events, personnel events, Webhooks, and custom actions. When the operation meets the trigger conditions, the process will run automatically.
    Multiple trigger methods with No Code
  • Enriched Node Actions
    Various node types such as approval, filling, notification, sub-process, etc., to meet the complex process requirements of multi-branch, multi-rule, and multi-task.
    Lancode rich multi-node settings
    Diverse Approval Process
    Support multi-level multi-person approval, can adopt countersignature, or signature approval method, support transfer, endorsement, handwritten signature and other personalized settings, to achieve a variety of approval processes.
    No Code diversification approval process
  • Automated Workflow
    Data addition, deletion, modification and query between multiple tables are automatically executed, and events are automatically reminded when they expire, which easily solves repetitive and inefficient work.
    Lancode No Code automation workflow
    Process traceability management
    Record each process instance, and check the node and result status of the process at any time; the engine automatically backs up the process version, and can also restore the historical version with one click.
    No Code process traceability management module