Inventory Management

Integrate procurement, sales, inventory, and finance to enhance collaboration efficiency.
Lancode No Code Invoicing System
Is your company facing the following problems?
Difficult collaboration between departments
Different standards for sales, inventory, and finance processes hinder cross-department collaboration
Lack of transparency in the procurement process
Poor standardization of the procurement process leading to high procurement costs
Inability to synchronize inventory in real-time
Using Excel to manage inventory results in departments not having access to accurate data in a timely manner
Complex and time-consuming reconciliation
Disconnect between procurement, sales, and finance processes, making it difficult to reconcile accounts payable and accounts receivable
Integrated Sales and Inventory Management Solution
Integrated operations

Covers modules for procurement, sales, inventory, and finance

Online collaboration

Seamless online integration of business and finance processes

Flexible modifications

Business and approval processes can be modified as needed

Data visualization

Automatically generates business statistics and analysis reports

Advantages of the Solution
  • Purchase management
    Streamline supplier and quotation management, effectively control the procurement process
    Online procurement request and approval workflow for improved internal operations
    Comprehensive management of the entire procurement process, from purchase orders to payments
    Procurement management
    Sales management
    Real-time inventory data & automatically retrieves product quotations
    One-click to generate sales orders and automatic calculation of taxed prices
    Synchronized progress of shipping, returns and invoicing
    Sales Management Module
  • Inventory management
    Centralized management of multiple warehouses in different locations
    Real-time inventory updates with detailed In & Out records
    Smart reminders for low stock levels in relation to sales orders
    Inventory Management
    Financial management
    Automatic integration of procurement and sales orders with the finance module
    Clear records of monthly cash flow for easy account reconciliation
    Streamlined processes for invoicing and payments, enabling one-click management of accounts payable and accounts receivable
    Financial Management System