Form Engine

Using this table to collect and manage data is far more efficient than Excel.
Lancode form engine real-time storage, multi-person online collaboration, rights management
A variety of application scenarios, meet the business required
  • Event Registration
  • Questionnaire
  • Voting
  • Appointment Registration
  • Scan code to sign in
  • Employee File
  • Online Order
  • More scenes
  • The form will be made at a glance
    Visual form designer, providing 20+ fields, through simple drag and drop, free typesetting layout, you can build a powerful form according to your ideas.
    No Code multi-field selection, free typesetting to meet various needs
    Online form efficiency is full
    Standard form information entry, openly share it with others to fill in online, allowing you to collect the information you want quickly and accurately.
    Regulate the input information of various forms
  • Worksheet of strong combination
    A worksheet that can associate different data, cleverly constructing a closed business loop.
    Lancode No Code multi-sub-table association function data interworking
    Switch multiple views on demand
    Form, Kanban, Hierarchy, Calendar, Gallery, Gantt Chart and other views can be switched on demand to meet the display needs of different types of data.
    Lancode No Code multiple attempts to switch functions on demand
  • Manage data by role permissions
    Flexibly configure view data and role permissions, independently define which data can be accessed and operated by whom, and realize data sharing and multi-person collaboration.
    Lancode No Code flexible configuration view data and role permission function
    Form Custom Printing
    Set the print style of the form as needed, freely select the print information, save the print template with one click, and quickly print the business records.
    Form custom printing function