HSE Management

Maintain a healthy and safe corporate environment, reduce risks and hazards in the operation of the company, protect the health of employees and improve site control and risk perception.
HSE Management
Solving the 4 major health, safety and environmental management problems of companies
Many safety hazards
Traditional and new production and operation methods coexist, and various types of accident hazards and safety risks are intertwined and superimposed
Difficult to promote the rectification process
The process of rectification cannot be carried out in accordance with the suggestions and recommendations
Low awareness of safety
Low participation of all staff, low safety awareness of construction personnel on site, poor control of non-compliance
Empirical management
No characteristic corporate safety culture, empirical management cannot adapt to higher corporate requirements
Advantages of the solution
  • Risk Management
    If hazardous hazards are identified, support site photography and simple hazard description
    After confirming the existence of hazardous hazards, HSE staff will assign personnel to carry out rectification
    Realise the closed-loop management of reporting, confirming, grading, rectifying and accepting of hazardous hazards
    Standardise the process of hidden danger investigation and management, record and dynamically monitor the process of hidden danger treatment
    Registering and analysing the causes of accidents in the company to avoid recurrence
    Risk Management
    Safety Inspections
    Safety inspection of hazardous sources, operational safety and environmental protection equipment, with support for entry of inspection results via the APP during the process
    Automatic notification to point inspectors for rectification when inspection results are abnormal
    Safety Inspections
  • Safety Training
    Training notification: support for station letters, emails and SMS
    Training sign-in: support for handwritten signature
    Training assessment: support for custom setting of examination questions; automatic calculation of total score and level after submission
    Safety Training
    Health Management
    Establish employee occupational health file forms to record employees' past medical history, occupational history and exposure to occupational disease hazards, and occupational health inspections
    Establish a database of labour protection supplies and record the inventory of labour protection supplies in real time; standardise the process of stocking and collecting labour protection supplies
    Health Management
  • Data Kanban
    Provide a variety of data dashboards such as accident reports, key hazard source inspection overviews, operational safety inspection overviews, environmental protection equipment inspections, safety training statistics, etc.
    Open the system visual dashboard to keep abreast of hidden safety risks and investigation progress
    Data Kanban
6 core advantages that deliver fast and tangible results
Multi-terminal usability
Supports web-based and mobile-based access
Highly customizable
Supports custom form fields, modular grouping, workflows, and permissions
Highly flexible expansion
Based on No code technology, functionalities can be modified and adjusted according to business needs
Breaking data silos
Open API interfaces for integration and synchronization with third-party systems, enabling data exchange
Data security assurance
Data stored in encrypted form in the cloud with off-site backup, eliminating the risk of leaks or loss
Professional technical services
24/7 system support and full-process implementation services